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Saudi culture, education ministries launch second phase of musical training program

MAKKAH: The final day of the Makkah conference emphasized the need for enhanced communication, integration and stronger partnerships in Islamic affairs among departments of religious affairs, ifta and sheikhdoms worldwide to achieve unity among Muslims.

The international conference, “Communication with the Departments of Religious Affairs, Ifta and Sheikhdoms in the World,” concluded in the holy city on Monday.

Held under the theme “communication and integration,” the two-day conference was attended by about 150 leading Islamic scholars, muftis, religious leaders and thinkers from 85 countries.

Heads of Islamic associations and sheikhdoms, as well as academics from a number of international universities, also took part in the event, organized by the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance.

The conference sends a message to the world about Saudi efforts to serve Islam and Muslims, and to promote the values of moderation.

During the conference, participants presented research papers in seven sessions that covered a range of topics. These included efforts in the service of Islam, promoting the values of tolerance and coexistence, moderation and tolerance in the Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah, combating extremism and terrorism, and protecting society from atheism and dissolution.

In the final communique of the conference, participants also emphasized that the first building block of Islamic unity was unification, a principle advocated by all the apostles. They stated that adhering to the Qur’an and the Sunnah was the foundation of the religion, which includes the importance of avoiding deviance and adhering to principles with a correct understanding to prevent discord.

The recommendations also highlighted the importance of regulating fatwas in accordance with the texts of Shariah in a manner that promoted benefit and prevented corruption. Participants emphasized the significance of obtaining fatwas from reliable sources and avoiding misleading or incorrect fatwas.

The responsibility of departments of religious affairs, ifta and sheikhdoms worldwide was also emphasized in promoting the values of moderation and tolerance in the discourse of Dawah and educational curricula. This could be achieved through intensified training programs for imams and preachers, as well as efforts to combat extremism and moral decay.

The need to preserve the family, protect young people and promote values and principles was also emphasized.

Participants also recommended countering attempts to distort Islam and highlighted the importance of showcasing its true values of tolerance, compassion and justice. They emphasized the detrimental impact of extremist groups in distorting Islam, fueling conflict, dividing societies and spreading chaos and insecurity.

The final communique strongly condemned the reprehensible and recurrent acts of burning copies of the Holy Qur’an. It emphasized that such abhorrent actions incited hatred, promoted exclusion and racism, and contradicted universally shared human values.

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