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AlUla World Archaeology Summit will be ‘a global platform promoting cultural heritage’

RIYADH: The Royal Commission for AlUla is to host the inaugural AlUla World Archaeology Summit in September, which is described as “a global platform promoting archaeology and cultural heritage,” bringing together both local and international pioneers in the field.

The summit focuses on four main themes: identity, ruins, resilience, and accessibility. It will boast a range of talks such as “Archaeology Weaves an Interconnected World,” “The Preservation Paradox: How to Save Everything When There’s Not Enough Room,” and “Saving Archaeology One TikTok at a Time.”

Abdulrahman Al-Trairi, the chief of communications and PR for the commission, said: “The AlUla World Archaeology Summit reinforces the position of AlUla and Saudi Arabia as a leading international hub for archaeological discovery and a top tourism destination for those interested in exploring the heritage of northwest Arabia.

“As part of AlUla’s year-round events and attractions, the summit will bring hundreds of new international visitors to the destination, contributing to the local economy and expanding AlUla’s contribution to Saudi GDP.”

The summit, which is set to take place from Sept. 13-15 at Maraya, will include dialogue sessions aimed at developing archaeology in the Kingdom in a way that contributes to increasing discoveries and activating them on a global scale.

It will be a global stage for intellectual discourse, collaborations, and advancements on a broad scale, with more than 60 speakers exploring archaeological science and issues within the field in a modern context.

A wide number of experts and specialists from around the world will participate in the Future Forum that will be held on the sidelines of the summit. This forum will represent a space for cooperation and conversations in the fields of archaeology and heritage.

The summit will also endeavor to put ideas garnered from Saudi Arabia’s cultural legacy and scientific advancement into practice for the benefit of humanity, to help realize the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

The event takes place around the same time as Saudi Arabia’s hosting of the 45th assembly of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in Riyadh, from Sept. 10-25.

The summit’s goals are to publicize historical, geographical, and heritage attractions, in addition to encouraging the organization of relevant conferences that confirm the presence of AlUla as one of the most important sites in the world.

The commission hopes to position not only AlUla but the Kingdom as a whole as the premier location for the international archaeological community, by creating a central platform for research and innovation.

By jointly developing innovative, heritage-based solutions to current problems across sectors, the commission hopes to increase the relevance of archaeology to global issues.

It is also attempting to motivate the next generation of anthropologists and archaeologists to carry this forward by putting new knowledge and research into practice.

Al-Trairi stressed how global awareness of the summit will help raise AlUla’s status and help encourage greater interest in the commission.

AlUla is distinguished by its captivating landscape and originality, making it a special place and providing guests with an exceptional experience.

For more details about the summit, visit worldarchaeologysummit.com.

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